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Brew Guide: Field Barista Coffee Drip

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 13th , 2023

Brew Guide: Field Barista Coffee Drip

From the backyard to the backcountry, enjoy a cup (or two) of the perfect pourover no matter where the adventure takes you.   



To brew, we recommend 25-30 grams of your favorite whole bean coffee for one and 50-60grams for two.  As a shortcut, you can fill two Measuring Spoons or one Mini Sierra Cup with whole beans.  

Alternatively, one full hopper of whole-bean coffee in the Barista Grinder equals about 30g. Double it for two cups.  While your water boils, grind your beans and insert a filter. We recommend a Chemex filter or something similar in size and shape.  

Once your water is hot, you can begin to brew, ideally just before a rolling boil.  Before you start, rinse the filter with a bit of water. For the first pour, we want to thoroughly saturate the grounds and bloom the coffee. Next, in a circular motion, pour water approximately halfway to the top of the dripper. For the final pour, utilizing the same circular motion, pour water about two-thirds of the way full and allow it to drip through fully.  

To make two cups, double the amount of water in each step.  We recommend using the dripper over the Field Coffee Kettle to make sharing easy. Then, fill your mug and savor each sip! Don’t miss the rest of our Brew Guide featuring the Titanium French Press, Collapsible Coffee Drip, and Field Coffee Master