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Technicolor Titanium:

Create a monochrome kit or multi-colored set with Snow Peak’s anodized titanium goods.


Since 1958, Snow Peak has made Japanese-designed, lifetime-guaranteed outdoor products. While we’ve evolved considerably over the last 60 years, our core mission has remained the same: to create restorative experiences in nature through legacy-grade gear and apparel.

We believe gathering with others outdoors is an antidote to the stresses of modern life, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with each other and ourselves.

Autumn Accessories:

Autumn Accessories:

Small details make all the difference. Find the missing piece to complete your ensemble – whether it’s a unique enamel pins or block-printed bandanas.

Easy Reading:

Easy Reading:

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Snow Peak Campfield

Created with community and the healing power of the outdoors in mind, the Snow Peak Campfield is designed to help foster human connection and experiences with the rhythms of nature.


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