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Tips for First-Time Campers

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 3rd , 2021

Tips for First-Time Campers

Here at Snow Peak, we think camping is one of the best ways to reorient yourself to the natural world. Camping trips are the source of countless memories and moments of connection for people across the globe. If you've yet to experience the joys of spending a night or two outside, we're here to support you in your camping endeavors. Check out our Starter Camp Collection for recommendations to help build out your setup.

What You'll Need

We know it can feel overwhelming to pack & plan for your first camping trip! To avoid packing everything but the kitchen sink (though if you do, no big deal) or worse, forgetting something critical, consider your basic needs when organizing your list.

Left image shows a Snow Peak tent set up on grass with trees behind it. Right image shows a pair of individuals inside of a tent


A reliable tent is a critical part of your first camping trip. When starting your camping adventures, choose a tent that feels accessible and easy to use. It's always a good idea to do a test set up in your yard or living room before heading out to the woods! To prepare for unexpected rain or blazing sun, a tarp might also be a solid addition to your new camp kit. One of our favorites for first-time campers is the Amenity Dome M. It's spacious without requiring too much set up time and easily adapts to various weather conditions. We love using it without the fly on hot summer nights for optimal stargazing.

Left image shows two kids bundled up under the glow of a fire. Right image shows a night scene of a campfire and a camper sitting next to it.


Even the warmest of summer days tend to cool off in the evening. Make sure you're prepared to stay warm by packing layers. Our go-to layer for cool evenings is the Flexible Insulated line. Additionally, a fire is central to your camping experience. Bonfire, or Takibi in Japanese, is the heart of every outdoor gathering. Coming together by the fire is the best way to wrap up a fun day in the outdoors, and it brings us closer to our camp companions. We'd be remiss not to recommend the Takibi Fire & Grill for any camping trip or outdoor gathering. Not sure how to get your fire blazing? Find our tips for starting a campfire here.

Left image shows Snow Peak titanium plateware and sporks. Right image shows a tasty spread of camping snacks on Snow Peak serveware.

Food & Drink

Many first-time campers are concerned about cooking in the outdoors. What will I use? Is top ramen my only option? In short – no! Though we have nothing against instant noodles, rest assured you can create a memorable meal with a little extra preparation. Check out our round-up of camp recipes or register for the Snow Peak At Home Campout to access a complete camp menu from our friend Rashad Frazier.

A few thoughtful decisions and careful gear selection make all the difference for your outdoor cooking and dining experience. Consider your cooker – are you grilling on a barbeque? Using a camp stove? Cooking over an open flame? There's no wrong answer, but it's essential to consider your setup before determining your menu!

Once you've sorted your kitchen, think about your dining situation. Sturdy dishware is a must when camping. Our favored material is titanium – it's ultralight, sleek, and incredibly durable. The Titanium Dining Set includes the essentials you need for your campout.

Additional Considerations:

Your camp companions: Whether it's your pup, your sibling, or best friends, give some thought to who you're inviting to share in your outdoor experience!

Where to camp: Find extensive options for camping on public land at For camping on private land, check out HipCamp.

Weather Conditions: Always double-check the weather before heading off on your excursion. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst! Additionally, always check fire regulations in whatever area you select. Fire safety is paramount, especially in the dry summer months.