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Titanium Dining Set
Titanium Dining Set

Titanium Dining Set

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A convenient dinnerware kit, the Titanium Dining Set includes pairings of the essential Trek Titanium Plate and Titanium Spork for a complete tableware set. Ultralight and highly durable, the sets can be used at home or on the campfield. Select either the set for two or the set for four to meet dining needs.




Set of 2: 5.12 oz (145 g)
Set of 4: 10.25 oz (290 g)


Spork: L 6.5" W 1.6"
Plate: L 7.5" W 7.5" D 1"


At Home
Group Camping

Specifications & Features


  • Lightweight Titanium & Stackable
  • Complete Dining Set


  • Set of 2: Titanium Spork x 2, Trek Titanium Plate x 2
  • Set of 4: Titanium Spork x 4, Trek Titanium Plate x 4


  • Titanium

Basic Care

Use a sponge with mild soap and water or use the dishwasher to clean then air dry completely before storage.