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Behind the Design: Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 4th , 2023

Behind the Design: Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle

Snow Peak’s perspective on nature is rooted in its Japanese heritage, taking the view that humans are not separate from nature, but part of it. Our modern lifestyles often disconnect us from the outdoors, and Snow Peak’s mission is to reconnect humans with nature, so we understand its essential role in our lives. To continue to fulfill our mission, we need to work to create a sustainable future for our planet.

Snow Peak has launched several sustainability initiatives to work towards this goal, including work towards total reliance on renewable energy, a packaging overhaul and most recently, the introduction of our first recycled titanium product, the Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle.

Snow Peak is well-known for its high-quality titanium assortment. The ultralight material is a durable yet sleek solution for camping tableware and cookware. Our commitment to premium titanium products stems from Snow Peak’s origins in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, a region renowned for its metalworking. For more than 30 years, Snow Peak has partnered with supplier Nippon Steel to produce its titanium products. The titanium used in most Snow Peak products offers exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, contributing to carbon neutrality through longevity and waste reduction. However, the titanium manufacturing process consumes a significant amount of energy and produces CO2.

Snow Peak and Nippon Steel share a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, fully eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from our production processes. To do so, we’ve collaborated to produce a more environmentally conscious product development that reduces CO2 emissions. Nippon Steel developed TranTixxii®-Eco, a new titanium material. By incorporating over 50% titanium scrap as raw material, this new material reduces CO2 emissions by over 50% during the refining process, creating greater resource efficiency.

Snow Peak used TranTixxii®-Eco, with the release of our first eco-friendly titanium bottle, the Recycled Titanium Aurora Bottle, available in 600mL and 800mL. The body of the bottle is made of TranTixxii®-Eco, and anodized in a beautiful blue-green gradient inspired by the ocean. The bottle’s cap is made of recycled plastic.

At Snow Peak, our mission inspires us to work together to achieve change. Our passion for the power of time outside must be intertwined with caring for our planet. By doing so, we will continue shaping a sustainable future together.