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Four Tips to Beat the Heat

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 28th , 2023

Four Tips to Beat the Heat

When the temperatures soar, staying cool while camping can feel like an impossible task but with a bit of planning and preparation, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat. Not only can a toasty tent be uncomfortable, but overheating can be dangerous. Read our tips for cooling off on summer’s hottest days.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is the best thing you can do to stay cool at the campsite. Keep a backup supply of water in the Shimo Tank, so you can refill your water bottle regularly. Snow Peak makes a variety of insulated and lightweight bottles to keep your drinks refreshingly cold. Try options like the Milk Bottle in 500mL or the Titanium Kanpai Bottle.

Cool Off In The Shade

Avoid sunburn and relax in the shade. Snow Peak-style setups use tarps for a covered living area. Snow Peak’s Pro. Series tarps offer UV protection that blocks the sun’s hottest and most harmful rays. Create sheltered gathering space with tarps like the Hexa Evo Pro or the Land Station. Pair with Mesh Furniture to make the most of any breeze. If you’re on the move, try an Ultralight Umbrella for on-the-go shade. For hot evenings, choose a tent with ample ventilation. Open windows and vents in the evening to encourage air circulation. The Alpha Breeze, Land Breeze and Dock Dome are excellent choices for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Wear Lightweight Clothing

Ditch the heavy layers! Try moisture-wicking options like Printed Quick Dry Shirt, made of recycled plastic bottles and Toray®️ for maximum breathability. Add a matching hat for extra sun protection. For added refreshment, try soaking a Noasobi Bandana in some ice water (perhaps in the bottom of your cooler) and then tying it around your neck.

Enjoy a Refreshing Snack

Watermelon, anyone? Snack on hydrating fruits and veggies during the heat of the day. Keep your food cold in one of Snow Peak’s coolers like the Hard Rock Cooler or Soft Cooler 38. Remember to always keep your cooler out of the direct sun to maximize its capabilities. Serve your afternoon snack on the Party Plate or Stainless Steel Tableware.

Camping is a year-round endeavor, and preparation is essential in every season. Taking proactive steps to stay cool on hot days will ensure a safe and more enjoyable outdoor experience.