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Snow Peak Style Camping, Defined

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 3rd , 2023

Snow Peak Style Camping, Defined

In American culture, camping is often viewed as an endeavor that makes us tougher and tests our endurance. It's a way to push further into the backcountry, a necessary discomfort that's part of outdoor recreational achievement. The expectation is a drafty tent, thin mat or, if you're lucky, a leaky air mattress. It's instant oatmeal for breakfast, scorched hotdogs for dinner and nothing but trail mix in-between. This cultural context no doubt contributes to the intimidating barrier to entry for many first-time campers.  

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with this perspective on time outside – but there are alternative approaches. Snow Peak's perspective on camping is rooted in our Japanese heritage. Nature comes first, and the human experience is not separate from nature, but part of it. Through camping we restore and deepen our connection with the natural world, rather than competing with it. 

With this view, camping is the destination, not a means to an end. It's an extension of our daily lives that reconnects us with nature. The experience centers on the act of being outside – building a comfortable and customized space, making and sharing food, and connecting with friends. Camping is a communal activity that removes the distractions that separate us.  

Snow Peak style camping is comfortable. Campsites mimic the home, with distinct spaces for cooking, sleeping, and gathering. With camping at the forefront, the gear becomes paramount, and setup becomes a form of creative self-expression. Layouts may vary by season and group size, but Snow Peak campsites always feature a tent and separate space such as a tarp or shelter. The additional space offers a designated place for cooking, eating and gathering, the primary focus of any camping Snow Peak experience. There is no reason for austerity or toughness, Snow Peak campers create spaces so comfortable they don't want to leave.  

Snow Peak camping is functional and stylish with strong aesthetic connections to Japanese sensibility and design. Similarly, organization and tidiness are key elements of Snow Peak-style camping. Every piece of gear has its place in a bag, bin or case. 

All furniture designs are based on the Snow Peak Layout System, an approach centered on the standards of comfort based on seat and table height dimensions.  Initially developed for the different Iron Grill Table leg heights, the Snow Peak Layout System informs how chairs and tables are designed for different spaces and camp activities.  

For example, a more relaxed fireside setup might utilize the Jikaro Firering Table, which pairs in height with the Low Beach Chairs. Alternatively, a more structured dining option could feature the Red Folding Chairs and Single Action Tables. 

Snow Peak style camping is for everyone, regardless of your personal experience outdoors. Explore our Camp in Comfort Collection to build your campsite. Don’t miss our extensive catalog of recipes, including recent additions like Chicken Katsu Sandwiches, Crunchy Tacos and French Toast.