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Solid Stake #30 Set
Solid Stake #30 Set

Solid Stake #30 Set

Available exclusively in the U.S., the Solid Stake #30 Set is a complete, pre-built collection of gear items to secure any tent, tarp, or shelter build. Includes 18 units of the Solid Stake #30, the best-selling Copper Head Peg Hammer, and the Multi Container M for storage and transport. This set of durable goods can be used in most conditions, with the stakes best suited for standard to firm ground.

Explore our Signature Camp Collection for more foundational legacy-grade gear options to create a classic setup.




Stake: 6 oz each (180 g)
Hammer: 1.4 lbs (670 g)
Container: 1.9 lbs (860 g)


Stake: L 12" Head 0.6"
Hammer: L 4.75" W 1.25" H 11.5"
Container: L 17" W 6" H 5.5"


Solid Stake #30 x 18, Copper Head Peg Hammer x 1, Multi Container M x 1


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