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Holiday Party Guide

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 7th , 2022

Holiday Party Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner! Embrace the festive spirit with a warm and welcoming soiree. Whether you’re hosting in your dining room or back yard, a bit of planning and preparation will keep group gatherings stress free.  

Plan Your Dishes  

Whether you’re taking a traditional approach or trying something new, consider the food Explore our extensive catalog of recipes for tasty dishes, drinks and desserts. Get started with a few recommendations for the winter season, from spicy soups to sweet treats, warm beverages and hearty chili.  

A few of our favorites:  

Prepare Your Feast  

Create a flavorful meal to share with your loved ones.  Whether you’re baking a turkey or chicken, roasting carrots or mixing up a fresh green salad – the right cookware is essential to success.  

Prep: Slide, dice and cut vegetables with the foldable Chopping Board Set L. Its natural wood exterior also serves as an aesthetically-pleasing serving option.  

Roast: Prepare your sides using the cast iron Micro Capsule or Micro Oval. These miniature Dutch ovens make roasting vegetables a breeze. Cook your protein in the larger Cast Iron Oven 26cm.  

Fresh Greens: While more often associated with soups and stews, the Aluminum Caldero performs equally well as a large salad bowl.  

Set the Table  

Create a gathering space centered around your meal. Embrace the different textures, colors and sizes of each dish and accessory. Set the mood with lighting and ensure each guest has a comfortable seat at the table. Use the Single Action Table Large and Red Folding Chairs as the building blocks for your tablescape. Then complete your table:  

Serve in Style: The Serving Set, comprised of the Party Platter, Serving Fork and Serving Spoon, brings an elegant finish to the table with their bamboo details.   

Add Ambiance: Create a welcoming table with soft lighting from the Mini Flame. Designed to mimic a flickering candle, it’s compatible with GigaPower fuel and intended to use up lingering isobutane remnants from your camping trips.  

Tableware Essentials: Use the Titanium Sake Bottle as a sleek serving option for your beverage of choice. Pair it with the Stacking Mug Set for a complete titanium beverage solution. Enjoy your meal with the Titanium Cutlery Set & Tableware Set L Family or elevate the table further with the Mirror Plate and Titanium Chopsticks

Need inspiration for your gift-giving this year? Explore the Holiday Gift Guide with curated gift collections to find the perfect present for your outdoor enthusiast.