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Savor the Ritual: Camp Coffee

Written by: Michael Andersen

February 13th , 2023

Savor the Ritual: Camp Coffee

As the sun emerges from its slumber and charts its course for the day, you too embark on your own daily ritual. Snow drifts dance in the sunlight, and old-growth trees gently creak in the winter breeze. The campfire beckons with still-hot coals from last night's Takibi Time, and your fellow campers begin to stir in their tents. You usher them out with the crunch of grinding beans, the whoosh of the stove, and the gurgle of boiling water. It's the promise of a new day. Whether the preference is black or with a spot of milk, move with intention while you create that perfect cuppa. As you taste the energy of that first hot sip, the sights and smells of nature nourish your senses as you and your companions become fully present for this time and place.    

Create this moment for yourself. Shop our collection of coffee essentials, then perfect your process with the help of our Brew Guides for the Field Coffee Master, Field Barista Pourover, Titanium French Press and Collapsible Coffee Drip. Take it all a step further and bake a fragrant sweet treat to accompany your coffee.