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Brew Guide: Titanium French Press

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 13th , 2023

Brew Guide: Titanium French Press

Sometimes simple reigns supreme.  Whether you enjoy a few cups or want to share, there’s no easier way to enjoy a delicious cuppa than the Titanium French Press. Its versatility spans ultralight backpacking excursions to lux camp kitchens and at-home coffee stations.  



To brew, we recommend 25-30 grams of your favorite whole bean coffee for one strong cup and 50-60 grams for two.   

As a shortcut, you can fill two Measuring Spoons or one Mini Sierra Cup with whole beans. Alternatively, one full hopper of whole-bean coffee in the Barista Grinder equals about 30g. Simply double up for two. While the water boils, grind your beans. Once hot, you can begin to brew, ideally just before a rolling boil.  

Brewing is simple. Add the coffee grounds, then fill the French Press halfway for one cup or three-quarters to the top for about two. Allow the water to saturate and brew the coffee for about two minutes without disturbing the grounds. Next, stir the coffee and press the plunger down, careful not to force it.  Pour the coffee into a mug – we recommend the Stainless Vacuum Insulated Mug in 450 mL – then sip, savor and enjoy! Don’t miss the rest of our Brew Guide featuring the Field Coffee Master, Collapsible Coffee Drip, and Field Barista Coffee Drip.