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Brew Guide: Collapsible Coffee Drip

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 13th , 2023

Brew Guide: Collapsible Coffee Drip

Ideal for travel, backpacking, and solo camping trips, the Collapsible Coffee Drip offers campers great coffee in a lightweight, collapsible design. Fold the dripper flat for easy storage until your next use.   



To brew, we recommend about 25-30 grams of your favorite whole-bean coffee. As a shortcut, you can fill two Measuring Spoons or one Mini Sierra Cup with whole beans. Alternatively, one full hopper of whole-bean coffee in the Barista Grinder equals about 30g. While your water boils, grind your beans and insert a filter. We recommend a Melita #4 filter or something similar in size and shape.  

Once your water is hot, you can begin to brew, ideally just before a rolling boil. Be sure to wet the filter before adding the beans. For the first pour, we want to fully saturate the beans and bloom the coffee.  Next, in a circular motion, pour water approximately halfway to the top of the dripper. For the final pour, utilizing the same circular motion, pour water about two-thirds of the way full and allow it to drip through fully.  We favor the Titanium Kanpai for keeping coffee hot, so you can spend more time savoring the moment.  

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