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Meals for Car Camping

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 30th , 2022

Meals for Car Camping

Enjoy a leisurely day in camp punctuated with delicious meals from this sample car camping menu. Each one can be adjusted for group size and offers a tasty mix of flavors. Start the day with a creative twist on regular coffee and end the evening with a cast iron dessert over the fire. Create your camp kitchen with a mix of IGT and Takibi essentials. Don’t miss our menus for backpacking and backyard gatherings

Breakfast: Sour Dough Pancakes with Fried Banana 

Who says camp pancakes can't be elevated? These tangy sourdough pancakes are a big step up from your just-add-water mix in the back of your cupboard. Top them with pan-fried bananas, and you've got a winning combination for campers of all ages and palates.

Lunch: Vegetarian Chilli 

This hearty chili recipe is just what you need to warm up on cold, rainy evenings. Filled with spices and aromatics, the flavors will combine and complement each other as the chili simmers. We recommend using the Snow Peak Cast Iron Dutch Oven or Earthen Zen Pot for making and serving this recipe.

Dinner: Grilled Shrimp and Vegetables  

Grilled shrimp with sun-ripened tomatoes, cucumber, and onion salad and an ear of grilled corn, is simple and easy, which makes it perfect for camping.

Dessert: Strawberry Buttermilk Biscuit 

Why not combine in-season strawberries with homemade sweet biscuits? This recipe is designed for a conventional oven; however, it can also be made over a campfire, which is an adventure in itself!

Beverage: Spanish Camp Coffee 

Add this whimsical and fragrant cocktail to your beverage repertoire. Cozy up next to the fire and enjoy the warm combination of coffee, liqueur, and rum. It offers the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. You're sure to wow your companions when you ignite the rum and triple sec to caramelize the sugar rim!