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Meals for Backpacking

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 30th , 2022

Meals for Backpacking

Food brings us together – whether we’re in the backcountry, campground or at home in our own backyard. Find a collection of recipes intended for a backcountry menu. Simple and lightweight is key to a successful backpacking trip – but there’s no reason to sacrifice flavor! Build out your trail-ready kitchen with Snow Peak’s wide assortment of lightweight stoves and ultralight titanium cookware. Don’t miss our menus for car camping and backyard gatherings

Breakfast: Backcountry Hash 

Goodbye pre-made oatmeal. This breakfast checks all the boxes – filling, flavorful and easy to make! Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lunch: Chili Mac & Cheese 

This comfort food combo is sure to leave you full and is guaranteed to be kid favorite!

Dinner: Backcountry Couscous 

Enjoy the flavors of this savory couscous dish featuring a tasty combination of spices.

Beverage: Takibi Toddy 

There’s something about a toddy that’s deeply comforting. Our version was developed by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan, the bar director at our forthcoming restaurant, Takibi. Combining Mizuba tea, gin, and honey, the Takibi Toddy offers a warm and slightly sweet effect. 

Note: Small luxuries are key on long treks, and this hot drink is perfect after a long day. The Takibi Toddy may require a bit of planning ahead. We recommend making your honey syrup ahead of time and leaving the Field Barista Kettle at home. The Titanium French Press works great as a kettle! Store your liquor in the Round Titanium Flask