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Takibi Toddy

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 23rd , 2020

Takibi Toddy

There’s something about a toddy that’s deeply comforting. Our version was developed by renowned mixologist Jim Meehan, the bar director at our forthcoming restaurant, Takibi. Combining Mizuba tea, gin, and honey, the Takibi Toddy offers a warm and slightly sweet effect. Read the instructions below to make it for yourself or follow along with Jim in the video below.  


Insulated mug such as the Ti-Double 450 or Stainless Steel 300 Mug 
Field Barista Kettle 
Titanium French Press 


5 oz. Mizuba Chamomile Houjicha Tea (8 oz. 195F water/5 g. tea/2 minutes)

1.5 oz. Ransom Old Tom Gin

0.5 oz. Jacobsen Carrot Flower Honey Syrup (2 parts honey to 1-part water by weight) 


Begin by heating water to 195 degrees or pausing before its boiling point. Add 5 grams of the tea to a French press, we recommend the Titanium French Press. Then, when the water is ready, pour one cup into the press. Allow the tea to brew for 2-4 minutes while you prepare the remaining ingredients. Mix two parts honey to one-part water to create a syrup. Then, add .5oz of the syrup to your insulated mug of choice. Next, measure out approximately 1.5oz of the gin. Then, once the tea is finished brewing add five ounces to the mug. Add the lemon wheel to the surface of the drink.  The Takibi Toddy tastes best when sipped by the fire, with a thick blanket wrapped around you for an added dose of coziness.