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Gear Go-Tos and Daily Rhythms

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 3rd , 2022

Gear Go-Tos and Daily Rhythms

The beauty and versatility of Snow Peak products make them easy to integrate into daily routines. Our Brand and E-Commerce teams shared their gear go-tos and favorite ways to stay connected with nature on a regular basis. 

Ryan B.  

Daily Products: The products I use daily from Snow Peak are my Ti-Double 450 Mug, and my Milk Bottle in 500ml. I use the Ti-Double for my warm drinks in the morning. It keeps my drinks noticeably warmer for much longer than my old go-to ceramic mug, and the patina and texture of the titanium is very satisfying to the eye and hand. I use my Milk Bottle as my everyday water bottle – I always keep cold filtered water in there, and it has far exceeded my expectations for keeping drinks insulated, especially during this summer. I’ve left the bottle in my hot car for hours and come back to a drink that is still nice and chilled – it almost feels like magic. 

Daily Outdoor Connection: My daily connection to the outdoors usually comes in the form of a walk through my local neighborhood and park. The area nearby has houses from the early 1900s alongside farmlands with old sheds and stables in various states of disrepair, as well as newer park paths that run through wetlands with bridges and viewing platforms for the wildlife there. Walking those old roads and new paths throughout the last 2 years has been vital to maintaining a connection to nature when I don’t have time to get out of the city and camp. Watching the seasons change on my walks continues to be a grounding and meditative practice that I have grown to rely on. 

Mike A. 

Daily Product: Hardly a single day passes without my medley of Titanium Backpacker’s Cups. From afternoon snacks for the boys to my evening mise en place, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate this ultra-lightweight vessel into my daddio day-to-day duties.   

Daily Outdoor Connection: With two littles, we try to keep our boys connected to the seasons all around us—and find new and fun ways to tucker them out all year long. From gardening in the spring and all through the summer, to trips out to Sauvies Island, the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood on the weekends, we try our best to experience the diversity of the Pacific Northwest and show our kids the best this region has to offer whenever we can. 

Mickey G. 

Daily Products: I use the Collapsible Coffee Drip, Ti-Double Wall Mug and Take! Chair Long. 

Daily Outdoor Connection: Every day I walk to my office through the tree lined streets of NW Portland. It is my chance to wake up, reconnect with the nature surrounding me, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. I also spend a moment each day on the fire escape of my NW Portland condo. Whether it's sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, or decompressing with a book after a long day, my small space under the branches of the maple tree above provides a sanctuary for me to reconnect with nature. 

April M. 

Daily Product: I use the Milk Bottle in 350ml in Sand.  

Daily Outdoor Connection: I walk my dog twice daily and run a few times a week outdoors. I enjoy taking time to pause mentally with a beverage in a park or on a walk with my dog. 

Patrick M.  

Daily Product: The versatility of the Home & Camp Lantern is exactly why it’s my favorite Snow Peak product. The warm light it creates is so inviting that I find myself using it to relax in my living room even more often than lighting up my camp site.  

Daily Outdoor Connection: My partner and I have an evening ritual of making tea, sitting in our backyard, and winding down from the day. The lantern is an essential part of that experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Savanna F. 

Daily Product: I feel I've achieved peak WFH form when I wear my Recycled Cotton Crewneck Sweatshirt and Recycled Cotton Sweatpants while sipping my morning coffee or afternoon tea from my anodized Ti-Double 450

Daily Outdoor Connection: Regular dog walks and mid-morning garden water sessions keep me connected to the outdoors daily, and I also enjoy the occasional post-work run on the trails of Portland’s Forest Park.