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Takashi's Takibi Yakitori

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 13th , 2023

Takashi's Takibi Yakitori

Yakitori is a beloved Japanese food that literally translates to "grilled chicken." The casual dish has many iterations and lends itself perfectly to a communal cooking experience. This particular recipe was shared by our friend Takashi, an avid outdoor chef (and member of Snow Peak's accounting team). Fire up your Takibi & Grill and try it for yourself.  


Tare Ingredients:

  • 500ml sake 
  • 500ml mirin 
  • 80mg sugar 
  • 200ml soy sauce 
  • 2 green onions (just the green part) 
  • 1 dried shiitake mushroom 
  • 1 piece of dried kombu 

Tare Method:  

Add sake, mirin, sugar, green onion, shiitake, and soy sauce into a pot. Reduce the mixture over medium heat until the alcohol is cooked off and the sugar is melted. The consistency should be slightly thick and syrupy. Remove the shiitake and green onion. Place tare in a covered container with dried kelp. The tare will draw the umami out of the kelp. To maintain your tare for future use, place it in the fridge after it cools. Bring tare to a boil before each use or every few weeks. Repeated use of the tare will deepen and enhance its flavor over time.  

Yakitori Ingredients:  

      • Boneless chicken thighs 
      • Leeks 
      • Wooden skewers 

Yakitori Method:  

Before beginning food prep, ignite a fire in the Takibi Fire & Grill. Use briquettes or binchotan, or allow the logs to burn down to a bed of coals. Coals help maintain a high temperature and avoid flare-ups that result from an open fire. Once the fire is going, cut chicken thighs and leeks into bite-size pieces on the Chopping Board. Alternate chicken and leeks when skewering. Leave about half of the skewer as a handle. Once the skewers are complete, add the Grill Bridge and Grill Plate to the Takibi Fire & Grill. Place yakitori on the grill over coals using the BBQ Pitts and Fireside Gloves to protect your hands. Flip the skewers frequently to cook evenly. Once there is color on both sides, spray with sake to keep it moist. When fully cooked, dip yakitori in tare. Place the skewer back on the grill to caramelize. Give the skewer one final dip, and it's ready to serve!  

Takibi Time is central to the Snow Peak camping experience. Want to know more? Check out our comprehensive how-to and deepen your knowledge by reading the Takibi Fire & Grill Origin Story. Then, explore our extensive catalog of recipes, including more campfire-friendly options.