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Patience Through Craft

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 28th , 2022

Patience Through Craft

What sets a dish or beverage apart from the fray? The leadership team at Takibi shared their perspectives on patience within their craft and the important moments of stillness that create memorable culinary experiences.  

"When I think about thoughtfulness and patience within the bar setting, I think about the process of becoming a good bartender. It's a series of incremental steps and learnings that slowly create your craft. You build on it as you go. You have to acknowledge, accept and trust in the time. We've been training a bartender for the past few months, and it's been so beautiful to watch the process of the day-by-day, seeing him learn and implement new skills." Lydia McLuen, Takibi Bar Manager  "Anyone who's ever eaten in a busy restaurant before might think there's not much time for stillness on the job- and while I remain a "time to lean, time to clean" bartender at heart – there are pivotal moments of service where it's required.  Examples for cooks include resting a piece of meat (to let it finish cooking and maintain moisture before slicing); while for bartenders, it's allowing a large cube to temper before pouring any liquid over it (to maintain its clarity and prevent cracking).  For servers, this includes making space for moments of connection- such as the time guests spend catching up at the table before ordering or saying goodbye before paying. Between the hustle and bustle of running a restaurant, these moments set aside for stillness- where a restaurateur's patience is required- make the experience more impactful for all." - Jim Meehan, Snow Peak Beverage Director & Takibi Bar Director 

 "The last six months have given me a new appreciation for patience. We have been tirelessly revamping and recreating our kitchen workflows and parts of our menu. These processes required us to lean into patience and our craft, and despite the challenges, I'm proud of what we've created and can see the bright light at the end of the tunnel." - Cody Auger, Takibi Executive Chef 

The Takibi team executes their craft every day for guests, but the restaurant recently launched a new series that further showcases the ingenuity of Chef Cody, Beverage Director Jim Meehan, and Bar Manager Lydia McLuen. Garden Gatherings offer a multi-course dinner paired with beverages and accompanied by thoughtful commentary around process and ingredient selection. Held each Monday and Tuesday, the 12-person dinner provides a communal, intimate dining experience centered on the bounty of the Pacific Northwest and singular Japanese ingredients. Reserve tickets today.