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Spring Summer 2022 in Uwajima

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 7th , 2022

Spring Summer 2022 in Uwajima

Snow Peak’s latest apparel collection centers on the theme of living without boundaries.

Everyday routines and extraordinary experiences, work and play
Generation to generation, culture to culture
Nature and town, rural and urban,
Wild and cultured.
Maybe there are no boundaries between them.
The boundary that separates them doesn't exist.
To find a life that suits you and
To find your happiness.
Embrace outdoor living.

The SS22 Lookbook features Yuichiro and Akisa Wakamatsu, who exemplify a lifestyle integrated with nature and a commitment to combining their passions in innovative ways.

The couple runs a citrus farm in Uwajima. Yuichiro comes from a family of orange farmers, but went to university in Tokyo and spent time living abroad. While living in the city, he worked in fashion and became passionate about skateboarding. He was inspired by the equitable relationships he encountered within skate culture.

Eventually, he returned to his hometown with Akisa to work as a mandarin farmer and has built a skate community from scratch in Uwajima. He created a ramp in his barn, where he skates with local friends after work. While there’s sometimes a clear divide between urban and rural lifestyles, the Wakamatsu family struck a balance between their commitment to their agricultural craft and dedication to the skating community.

Similarly, this season of the Snow Peak apparel line allows wearers to easily move between environments. The garments can take you from the subway station to the forest or from a patio gathering with friends to a quiet evening by the campfire.

The SS22 apparel collection includes classic favorites like Flexible Insulated and Takibi, as well as new additions like Light Mountain Cloth and Recycled Cotton. Explore new arrivals and outfit yourself for the outdoor adventures ahead.

Shop the latest arrivals from Snow Peak's Spring Summer 2022 collection or visit one of our retail stores in Portland and New York. For more on Snow Peak's Apparel collections, take a look at some of the other stories on our blog