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Discover Nearby Nature

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 21st , 2022

Discover Nearby Nature

Humans aren’t indoor creatures. Not all of us can thrive in the wild like we did a millennia ago, but something within us still needs a connection to nature. And it’s a connection that’s easy to stifle if it's not intentionally cultivated. There’s a misconception that one needs to achieve a certain level of activity or wilderness expertise to be considered an “outdoorsy” person.At Snow Peak, we disagree. Everyone is an outdoorsy person, precisely because all of us need that restorative connection to nature’s rhythms. Spending time outside allows us to reset and rejuvenate our spirits. By tuning in to the world around us, we can release the stress and tension that comes with everyday life. Better yet, spending time in nature with others lets us create deeper connections with one another. Sharing the experience of noasobi brings us closer together. Connecting with the natural world doesn’t have to be complex. You don’t need to climb a mountain or  venture off the grid. Simply open your front door and take time to explore the pockets of nature nearby. Perhaps for you, being in nature is sitting on your stoop watching the sunset over the city. Or maybe it’s your daily walk around the block enjoying the sunshine on your face. It could be an evening glass of wine by your backyard firepit.

By integrating nature into our lives, we become more aware of its simple pleasures. We can appreciate the pleasure of an almost-spring breeze or marvel at a perfectly symmetrical snowflake. We’re able to embrace the invigorating late winter chill and watch the elegant movement of birds flying overhead.  

Step outside. Slow yourself down and notice the nature nearby.