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IGT at Home

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 14th , 2022

IGT at Home

The way we view our living space has undergone a major transformation over the last several years. Everyone has spent a lot more time within the four walls of our home.  Naturally, we’ve started to pay more attention to what products, furniture, art etc. exists within our space, and more conceptually, how our space feels. The most welcoming homes offer a sense of warmth and safety and inspire slow moments of respite.  

We’re outdoor people here at Snow Peak, and you’re more likely to find us obsessing over the best campsite setup than living room scene. And while we’re not interior architects, we do have a strong point of view on design, multi-functional spaces, and simple sanctuaries. From our view, one of the most elemental parts of curating a space – be it in nature or under your roof – is making it work for you. We’ve been exploring this concept with the Iron Grill Table system, one of Snow Peak’s most extensive and versatile product lines.  

Few products better exemplify both beauty and function. The Iron Grill Table’s iconic design elements – bamboo surfaces, clean lines and minimalist stainless steel details merge with its customizable layout and modular format.  

The Iron Grill Table can be used indoors and outside, but given this season, we’re taking inspiration from a few different scenes. Peruse the setups for inspiration, then start your own.  

For the ultimate coffee table:

Try the Extension IGT, IGT Slim, or the Entry IGT for a customizable coffee table setup. Add storage, a burner for boiling water or  

For a versatile storage solution:

The Stainless Kitchen Table is a popular option for the home. Use it as a minimalist clothing rack or as a sleek shelving unit. Photo credit: @sana37.home

For your first backyard BBQ of the season: 

Barbeque season will be here before we know it! Gear up for outdoor dinners by creating a multi-functional outdoor kitchen. Try the Three Unit Standing Set!   

Build an IGT space that suits your needs so you can create moments that matter. You can savor the pleasure of your morning coffee ritual, throw an elaborate dinner party or create a communal cooking and gathering space.