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Origin Story: Solid Stake & Peg Hammer

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 17th , 2023

Origin Story: Solid Stake & Peg Hammer

At Snow Peak, our goal is to provide an elevated camping experience that brings the comforts of home to the outdoors. As part of this focus, we seek to eliminate the common inconveniences and challenges faced by campers. The Solid Stake and Peg Hammer exemplify this approach with their lasting durability and simple ingenuity.  

What is a Solid Stake? 

Snow Peak designed the Solid Stake as a reliable alternative to standard tent pegs. In 1988, Snow Peak released its first tarp, made of high-density nylon. The initial tarp release was followed by 210D, a heavier tarp made of ultra-thick fabric. The Wing Poles needed to be re-designed to support the newer tarp’s more durable material. In rethinking the Wing Pole design, Snow Peak’s development team realized that the force from wind and rain transfers from the poles through the guylines and into the stakes. After realizing the important role of the stakes in the tarp setup, they decided to create a new, stronger variety.  

Made In Japan  

The durable stake is manufactured in Snow Peak’s hometown of Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan, using a forging process. During the forging manufacturing process, steel is heated at high temperatures and then beat repeatedly. It’s a similar technique to the one used for Japanese sword-making. The factory uses an electric induction furnace for the high treatment stage. The furnace allows for more precise temperature controls, resulting in a smoother finish. The head of the stake is shaped like a cylinder, which prevents the hammer from slipping when hitting, and transmits power downwards into the stake’s body without dispersing it. The stakes also feature a large hook that is driven to the ground to secure the rope and prevent rotation. The inventive design of the stakes and forged steel process allows them to crush rocks and dig into both hard and extra soft surfaces. The Solid Stakes enables campers to enjoy year-round camping by securing their tents, tarps and shelter in any weather.   

Meet the Copper Head Peg Hammer  

In 1996, the year after the Solid Stake was born, Snow Peak released a hammer designed to drive the stakes into the ground. The hammer featured a main body that was forged in the same way as the Solid Stake, allowing power to be efficiently transmitted.  

As its name suggests, the Copper Head Peg Hammer has a soft copper head that absorbs the impact and reduces vibration in the handle. Even if your angle is slightly off, the copper will balance the force for a more even blow. Like many Snow Peak products, the Copper Head Peg Hammer becomes increasingly unique with repeat use, as the copper head is crushed and deformed. The copper head can be replaced after it’s completely flattened, extending the lifetime of the hammer. The Copper Head Peg Hammer can remove stakes as well as drive them. The hammer features a hook on its head that fits into the small hole near the head of the stake.  

Add Solid Stakes and the Copper Head Peg Hammer to your camping kit. The stake comes in four different lengths for to achieve optimal performance in a variety of environments. Purchase separately or as a set to ensure your tent, tarp or shelter is secured to the ground.