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Morning Routine

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 16th , 2021

Morning Routine

For the third part of The Endless Horizon series, we’re joining the Boehnlein family on their annual trip north to the shores of Lake Superior. Enjoy Aimee Boehnlein’s reflections on leisurely mornings, then read their Lake Superior Guide for must-see sights. Shop a collection of the gear they used in The Endless Horizon Collection. Breakfast is our jam! This is our common proclamation when preparing a family meal plan for any camping trip. Breakfast is hands down, the easiest, and most well-received meal of the day. We love it all. Anything from eggs and toast, blueberry pancakes, homemade breakfast sandwiches, French toast with real Minnesota made maple syrup to good ole’ reliable cereal and milk. And what better accompaniment to any breakfast than a cup of hot, fresh pour-over coffee. Mike is our personal camp barista and looks forward to preparing our morning coffee every trip. He’s up early, sometimes hand grinding beans so he doesn’t wake up the girls. Once the water is ready to go, it’s all about the art of the pour over, swirl and at last, the first delicious sip. Breakfast has never let us down, even if it’s what’s for dinner! Breakfast is comfort, a delicious “good morning!” to the soul. It’s our favorite way to connect through cozy jammies, morning bed head and syrup drenched slices of bread. Explore a few of Snow Peak’s morning recipes like breakfast hash or breakfast burritos. Alternatively, enjoy dessert to start the day with this fig pastry dish. Then, pair your breakfast with the perfect cup of coffee or spice things up with a golden milk latte!