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Gather & Give – Snow Peaker Responses

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 30th , 2020

Gather & Give – Snow Peaker Responses

During the week of Thanksgiving, we asked our community of Snow Peakers to join us in spreading the spirit of giving through a series of giveaways. Your answers blew us away and we’re grateful to each person who participated. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! Despite the year’s challenges, we hope you all can find some solace in the outdoors, gratitude for loved ones and hope for the new year to come.  

Gratitude: Who and what are you grateful for this year? 

“@rusty_raygun I’m grateful for your friendship and being my infrastructure when I moved to Oregon. Your love of nature was handed down from your father and you have done a great job honoring that with your own two boys. Love you buddy.”     -@katungas (Category Winner) 

“@christineoen thank you for being my light in the fog of this past year. With you as beacon, my direction has never been truer.” -@Aut0pi10t  

“This year has been less than ideal to say the least, but there is still so much to be thankful for such as family, friends, and good health. Although many of these may have been affected, it makes the rest of us realize just how lucky we are to have them.” -@Anderlam 

“Thank you, Steven, for convincing me to finally get the SP Takibi set. I’m not sure what I would have occupied myself with all summer otherwise.” -@audiofrog 

"I am grateful for my son who chose a career as a first responder and every day is a living, working superhero helping others by working in the medical professional and as a result, others get the medical attention they need, especially during COVID-19.” - @maverick384 

Gather: What is the best meal you have shared? What is a favorite gathering memory? 

"@Wahahahahang My first thanksgiving when I was 7-8 years old. My parents opened a Chinese restaurant and we’d never had a turkey before. One of the servers who worked with us found that incredible and so she and her mom cooked a whole thanksgiving feast for the entire restaurant staff. I don’t remember the food that much but I always think back fondly to that little community we created in that restaurant of ours." -@joanatello (Category Winner)

“One of the best meals I've shared with @brewstocker was when we were riding our bikes on a bikepacking trip in Mexico. We'd bought fresh tortillas, beans, avocado, and cheese at a local shop, and as we pedaled along the road ... a tomato truck had spilled its contents all along our path. So, we picked handfuls of them up and rinsed off the dust. Once we got to the top of the mountain, we rested and enjoyed our lunch -- and the spectacular view of the coast -- with our freshly gathered treasures!” - @plattyjo 

“The best meal I’ve shared is my mom’s Taishan-style stir fried vermicelli glass noodles. We cooked that same dish in my dad’s childhood village home when we visited Taishan last fall. It was cooked in an old wood burning stove.” -@Aneliao

“My favorite gathering memory is when I introduced my husband @ssstepheno to my family and had yakiniku. I remember my dad was giving so much food to my husband because my dad was happy and really liked my husband. Unfortunately, we can’t visit my family back in japan this year, but hopefully we can visit and have yakiniku or BBQ again soon!”                                 -@Tomorrow.bythesea  

“Under the central California coast’s eucalyptus groves, waves crashing in the distance, camp-style surf and turf was hard to beat. cast iron filet and lobster tails cooked over the open fire in lemon butter. Mmm.” - @sswardallaboard  

Cheer: What is your favorite way to celebrate the end of the year? 

"@boibeater04 I love celebrating the years end by reflecting and paying notice to all of the amazing things life has to offer - sitting in front of a fire with family, and with a cocktail in my hand." -@audiofrog (Category Winner)

“Reflecting on the past, being mindful of the present, and being intentional about the future.” - @garberco_ 

“Fav way to celebrate the end of the year is with our lil family - cozy in our still new apartment that is starting to truly come together. Searching for a weekender van. Making big plans.” -@_.coleslaw 

“Nothing like celebrating the end of the year with a big gathering with friends playing bingo and games, sadly not happening this year!  But cozying up at home is nice too!” -@Gimmeadollr 

Tradition: What is a tradition you follow each year?  

“After opening gifts with the family, we usually get some yummy dim sum for brunch! Maybe this year we’ll get takeout and have it at home to somewhat continue the tradition!” -@theoseik 

“Spending a day baking potica, a sweet Slovenian bread from an old family recipe.”  -@micahsmc 

“Every year for Lunar New Year, we cook Vietnamese celebratory dishes and then gather as a whole family at everyone’s houses throughout the day and eat and give blessing for the coming year and celebrate family.” -@khangd 

“@janetteh20 Hiking on New Year’s Day before sunrise so we can watch the sunrise on the top of the mountain - starting off the new year with reflection and meditation.” -@hikeaholic (Category Winner)

Comfort: What is an indoor or outdoor activity that brings you comfort?  

“Listening to the snow fall. If you listen carefully, on a quiet, windless night, you can hear the faint, gentle sibilant whisper of each individual snowflake that is falling, at that moment. It is a sound at once so gentle, so lovely, it would often bring tears to my eyes in the vast and silent darkness. “Here. I’m here - the snow falling.” - Kobayashi Issa" -@understatementman 

“There is nothing more comforting than a good hike outdoors. The beauty of nature clears the mind. A good hike really hits the reset button on me, especially in moments when life starts to take its toll. @jellybean_dee would look adorable in that cap and scarf.” -@gramitd11 (Category Winner)

“Making matcha at home is a comforting ritual for me. Measuring the tea, whisking it, and feelings the warm bowl in my hands is just so satisfying.”               -@asa_bluesky  

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