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Flexible Insulated Explored

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 12th , 2020

Flexible Insulated Explored

Snow Peak's classic insulation series utilizes materials that are lightweight, warm, and highly water-repellent. The unique fabric and cotton fill are made of 3D stretch material, so they can be used during activities and worn as outerwear or as a base layer during chillier seasons. 

The Flexible Insulated line features heat retention and prioritizes comfort. Each piece offers maximum stretch for easier movementUsing elastic fabric, padding and thread, the stitching is also made to expand and contract, so your Flexible Insulated apparel can be worn during any activity – even setting up camp.  

In addition, we carefully select fabric weights to suit each season. For spring and summer, the pieces are made of highly breathable fabric, while still offering insulation for cooler days. For autumn and winter, we use a fabric with wind and water repellency, that also has a soft and light texture. For Autumn Winter 2020, we’ve replaced the standard polyester with a recycled version. We’ve also added a new mock neck style, expanding our lineup.     

Flexible Insulated has several key distinctions: 

Windproof and water repellentThe smooth knit fabric has a water-repellent finish on the front and a windproof coating on the back. 

A Soft Lining: Antistatic processing is applied to reduce the static electricity caused by friction. It feels good against the skin and is comfortable to wear. 

3D Stretch: The 3D stretch structure allows for flexible body movements. Its plump texture is reminiscent of down feathers and it features high heat retention. 

Stretchable Stitching: We adopted a sewing method that allows the stitching to expand and contract. It eliminates thread breakage and allows a greater range of motion 

Visit our Portland Flagship or Soho, NYC location, or explore the full lineup below.

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Flexible Insulated Pullover

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