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Exploring X-Pac

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 2nd , 2020

Exploring X-Pac

Originally developed by the sailcloth makers at Dimension-Polyant, X-Pac is an uber-durable, ultralight fabricIt’s a multi-layer textile comprised of nylon, polyester mesh, waterproof film, and taffeta with a water-resistant treatment. X-Pac is waterproof, resilient to UV rays, and resistant to absorption – an ideal option for year-round conditions 

Its makers realized X-Pac could be utilized for more than racing sails, and the material has found its niche in outdoor accessories, especially bags and packs. Snow Peak’s new line of X-Pac bags prioritize utility, while embracing timeless Japanese designs 

    Toss your X-Pac bag over your shoulder for a reliable receptacle, whether you’re biking to work or headed to the market.  

    Snow Peak offers five different X-Pac bags:

    –The Totebag is designed as a spacious and durable carryall for day-to-day life, picnics, and trips to the market. It’s best for travelers, parents and commuters.
    –The Backpack offers a sturdy pack for new trails and overnight getaways. It’s a must-have for weekend warriors and adventurous day hikers.
    –The Kinchaku is a simple and sleek handbag, designed to be used as an everyday carry.
    –The Daypack is a straightforward cinch backpack with ample pocket storage. It’s optimal for city bike trips and short hikes.
    –The Waist Bag is made to be an easy-to-wear, compact bag for those who like to travel light.
    –Our X-Pac assortment also includes an apron, for the dedicated home or camp chef.

    Browse the collection of X-Pac bags and accessories at Snow Peak Portland, Snow Peak New York and online