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4 Steps for a Safe Backyard Dinner

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 12th , 2021

4 Steps for a Safe Backyard Dinner

As a gathering-centric brand, we’re as eager as anyone to return to pre-COVID gatherings. Sharing food, drinks and stories while sitting next to the fire is a sure way to reconnect with one another. Still, while there’s much reason to hopefully look towards the future, it’s essential to exercise caution for the time being. The good news is small outdoor gatherings are among the best ways to socialize while we remain in the COVID-19 pandemic. With a bit of creativity and safety considerations, you can responsibly enjoy time outside with loved ones.  

Step 1: Check local health guidelines  

Before planning your dinner, check local requirements for gatherings, especially if you're inviting people from two or more households. Additionally, refer to CDC guidelines to determine the best ways to reduce exposure risks. As always, communicate with your guests about safety precautions and expectations. Setting safety standards before gathering is always easier than in the moment.  

Step 2: Set the scene

Bring your outdoor furniture out of winter storage and create an inviting backyard space. Set a soothing mood with lighting like the Mini Hozuki or Mini Flame. Keep your guests safe by offering small, distanced dining pods for each household with a Single Action Table and two or three Take! Chairs. Use the Takibi Fire & Grill as the centerpiece for your get-together – what's better than a post-dinner nightcap or dessert next to the fire?   

Step 3: Plan your meal

Explore our extensive collection of recipes for grilling over the fire, barbecuing, or cooking on a stovetop. Plan your meal from appetizer to dessert, then serve it using Snow Peak's assortment of sleek tableware and reliable utensils. Explore a variety of our favorite gear for backyard dinners.  

Step 4: Enjoy

Embrace the simple pleasures of an evening shared with family or friends. We all could benefit from some connection and time outside!