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SS21 Styling Suggestions

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 20th , 2021

SS21 Styling Suggestions

Snow Peak apparel is designed to bridge the gap between urban and natural environments. Using three of Snow Peak’s distinct SS21 textiles, we created a series of looks styled for everyday life and outdoor excursions. Each outfit is easy to recreate with items from your own closet, for versatile wearability wherever life takes you.

Two images of a person outfitted in the BAFU jacket and pants. One image is casual on the sidewalk and the other is in front of a tree.


Style 1: BAFU Cloth

Put together an easy, casual look for brunch or a stroll in the city. Layer the BAFU Cloth Overshirt on top of your favorite graphic tank or t-shirt, then complete it with the BAFU Cloth Pants and a casual sneaker.

Switch things up for a hike or weekend camping trip. Wear the BAFU Cloth Overshirt with the Quick Dry Shorts for a breathable ensemble that allows for ease of motion. Finish it off with an outdoor mule and the waterproof 2.5 Layer Rain Hat.

Two images of a person standing in the Cotton Dobby Stripe clothing. The left image shows them in the Cotton Dobby Stripe pants standing on a bridge. The right image they are standing in the woods.

Style 2: Cotton Dobby Stripe

Create a comfortable and elevated WFH fit with the Quick Dry Knit Polo Shirt and Cotton Dobby Stripe Pants. Slip on your favorite sandals for your morning coffee excursion or dog walk.

Style a matching set for your outdoor activity of choice - happy hour at the park counts! Pair the Dobby Stripe Shirt and Pants with a reliable sneaker. Add the Takibi Denim Vest as an outer layer for a complete look.

Left image shows someone standing in the Cotton Linen Poplin shirt and shorts set. The right image shows them standing on a rock in the woods.

Style 3: Organic Cotton Poplin 

Visit a museum exhibit or farmers market wearing the Organic Cotton Poplin Shirt and Shorts. The lightweight duo is optimal for the hot days of the season. Pair the set with your preferred basic sneaker and keep it easy.

Thinking outdoors, combine the Takibi Denim Vest and Cotton Dyed Crewneck with the Organic Cotton Poplin Shorts or Quick Dry Shorts for a recreation-friendly look. Prepare for a more rugged trail by adding your favorite earth-toned hiking boots to the ensemble.

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