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At Snow Peak, we’re deeply inspired by the restorative power of gathering and the healing power of time outside. Coming together in nature strengthens our connections with one another and ourselves.

Furthermore, our mission statement encourages each of us to have a positive impact in all that we do. As we foster a global community, we understand the importance of this commitment and are dedicated to transparency and accountability in our efforts.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We believe in creating restorative experiences in nature, and to truly uphold this mission, we must work to create safe, inclusive outdoor spaces. Before one can feel safe in nature, one must feel safe in society. That’s not the case for all people, and that is where we must examine how Snow Peak can make a difference. Change starts from within, and we are fostering greater accountability internally with a team focused on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Advancement. As members of Camber Outdoors, we encourage employees to spend paid time educating themselves, helping us discover ways Snow Peak can have a greater impact, both within the company and the communities we call home. We offer quarterly workshop sessions centered on the relationships and experiences of different communities in the outdoors. We are improving our hiring practices to create a more welcoming, diverse, and honest workforce. Additionally, we’ve signed the Outdoor CEO pledge to ensure accountability in our actions, committing to building a better, more inclusive outdoor industry that welcomes all.

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Actions speak louder than words. Snow Peak is partnering with organizations, advocates and agents of change who align with our belief in the healing power of nature. Our partners are experts in their field, working towards greater accessibility and advocating for underserved communities. We are committed to supporting and amplifying their work through financial contributions, product donations, and sharing our platform to showcase authentic stories. Some of our recent and ongoing partners include Camp Yoshi, Outdoors Empowered Network, Wild Diversity and other local organizations.

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Outdoor Advocacy

Together we are stronger than on our own, and to that end, we are working with our peers in the outdoor industry to engage with elected officials advocating for the future of the outdoors. Snow Peak USA executive leadership regularly unites with other leaders via the Outdoor Industry Association to advocate for policy and systemic progress at state and federal levels. Priorities include measures to combat the impacts of climate change, increased funding for our public lands, and investments that create equitable access to the outdoors for all.

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The quality of our products is not just a commitment to customer experience, but a commitment to sustainability as well. We build products for a lifetime of use, designed to be passed on to the next generation. This approach keeps products out of landfills and in the hands of users. In our operations, we regularly enact new measures to reduce our impact on the planet. Our facilities in Japan operate on 100% renewable energy, and all Snow Peak facilities in the US are powered by 100% renewable energy. We strive to incorporate organic and post-consumer recycled materials in our product lines, and have recently initiated a comprehensive overhaul of our packaging to greatly reduce the material impact. We are initiating our first-ever audit of our carbon footprint, and in coming years will publish our total carbon impact and efforts to reduce impacts across our value chain.

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Our Global Commitment

Snow Peak USA is part of a global Snow Peak community, and our corporate responsibility and impact can be felt domestically and abroad. Please visit our Social Value Creation page on Snow Peak Japan to learn more about the variety of initiatives and partnerships in Japan that help further our mission. From upcycling apparel collected at Snow Peak stores into new garments to protecting Japanese forests with the purchase of qualifying products, Snow Peak is constantly innovating to create positive impact as a company. 


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