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Explore the Takibi Creator - a step-by-step guide to creating a customized fireside gathering. Explore unique cooking setups, storage solutions, comfortable furniture and space extenders.

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The Takibi Fire and Grill is the heart of an expansive collection of products. Explore our full assortment to curate a fireside setup for your next outdoor gathering.

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Built to Last

Made of durable stainless steel, the Takibi Fire and Grill is designed and manufactured in Niigata, Japan. Originally conceptualized to protect the ground from scorching, the Takibi Fire and Grill is a foldable fireplace that elevates flames off the earth for a well-insulated heat source that can also be used for cooking. Take the Takibi Fire and Grill  with you anywhere to create a gathering around fire, food and drink - what we call Takibi Time.

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Backyard Gatherings

The Takibi Fire and Grill is a sleek accessory for any backyard or patio. Use it for grilling meats and vegetables for cookouts or as the centerpiece for outdoor parties. Consider add-ons like the Jikaro Table or Field Oven for a maximized fireside setup.

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Beach Adventures

Take the Takibi Fire and Grill to the beach for an oceanside gathering after a day of playing in the surf. Gather your friends and enjoy a refreshing beverage by the fire while taking in the sunset.

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Backcountry Excursions

Escape to the backcountry and enjoy some fireside relaxation after a day of hunting, fishing or foraging. With the Takibi Fire and Grill, you can warm by the fire at the riverside, then easily take the setup back to camp for evening Takibi Time. The Takibi Fire and Grill has a sturdy base and remains stable even in rugged terrain.


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