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Iron Grill Table Lifestyle Photo
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Getting Started

Choose from a collection of curated IGT sets or start from scratch to build your own fully customized camp kitchen.

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Shop All Iron Grill Table

Shop the full assortment of IGT fittings to create your first system or explore a la carte add-ons for your existing set-up.

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Modular Design

The Iron Grill Table (IGT) System is a modular outdoor kitchen designed to be fully customized to suit individual needs. The IGT offers a range of frame sizes, leg heights, cooking and work surface inserts, extensions and add-ons for a social cooking and dining experience. With its elegant design and bamboo accents, the Iron Grill Table is a sleek addition to the home, but is also sturdy and packable for outdoor excursions.

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IGT At Home

Create a laidback gathering in your living space. Use the IGT Slim or Entry IGT as a ground height dining table and add stove inserts for a group cooking experience. Relax on Lounge Cushions for a comfortable indoor cooking and dining setup.

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On the Patio

Gather your friends for a Snow Peak cookout and bring your custom IGT setup to the patio for a custom outdoor cooking area that fits your needs. Keep your outdoor kitchen organized with storage inserts and add some Snow Peak Red Folding Chairs for seating. 

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The Ultimate Camp Kitchen

Claim the title of Camp Chef by bringing your IGT setup on your next camping or overlanding adventure. Create a memorable camp gathering by adding surface extensions for food prep, dining or playing games. The IGT easily breaks down into smaller pieces, saving space in your adventure vehicle.


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