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Exclusive Content: First Access to Entry Line in Ivory

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 10th , 2021

Exclusive Content: First Access to Entry Line in Ivory

The Entry Line in Ivory exemplifies Snow Peak's commitment to minimalist design and reliable multi-functionality. We're pleased to offer At Home Campers early access to this North American-exclusive launch before the tents release publicly on May 13th. Additionally, enjoy a special introduction to the Entry Line in Ivory hosted by Snow Peak USA COO Matt Liddle.

Snow Peak's Entry Line Tents in Ivory offer something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast, with setups designed for car campers, solo-backpackers, and day-trippers. Each one provides 3-season reliability for memorable adventures beyond peak camp season. Learn a bit more about each tent below, along with recommended use-cases.

For the Car Camper or Day Tripper

Alpha Breeze – Snow Peak's first tent designed for the North American camper, the Alpha Breeze is inspired by traditional A-Frames and Adirondack cabins. With four entry points and an extendable vestibule for more living space, it's a comfortable tent for campers young and old.

Amenity Dome Small and Medium in Ivory – A Snow Peak classic, the Amenity Dome is both an approachable starting point and a reliable staple. Set it up in minutes, and remove the fly on warm nights for better stargazing views.

Vault in Ivory – A spacious, multi-functional tent, the Vault is favored by family campers and day-trippers. Remove the inner tent and enjoy an open-air shelter that protects you from the elements while still immersing you in the outdoors. Take it to the beach, the soccer field, or the campsite – it's up for anything. 

For the Solo Camper, Backpacker, or Lightweight Adventurer

A man finishes setting up the Penta Tarp and Penta Ease 1 in Ivory.

Penta Tarp in Ivory and Penta Ease 1 in Ivory – This lightweight tarp is designed to be used by water; swap the front pole for a paddle to save space. Add the Penta Ease 1 inner tent for a complete sleeping system.

Left image shows the front portion of the Hexa Ease 1 in Ivory with a table and chairs set up under the edge of the tarp. The right image is an aerial view of the tent and tarp footprint, a campfire burns just in front.

Hexa Ease 1 in Ivory – This tent and tarp combination is perfect for solo campers who want some extra space to lounge. Take it on your next lightweight trip or last-minute overnighter.

Left image is an aerial view of several tents from the Ivory Line. Right image shows the Lago 1 in Ivory set up with a few ivory tents and a tarp behind it.

Lago 1 in Ivory – A lightweight, single-person tent, the Lago 1 is made for the backcountry. Add it to your pack and hit the trail; the ivory exterior is sure to complement the natural beauty of any landscape.

Each tent is intuitive to use and offers maximum modularity - easily integrating with other Snow Peak products. The eye-catching colorway epitomizes Snow Peak's Japanese design aesthetic and integrates with our existing line of ivory tarps so campers can build a visually cohesive setup. Shop the whole collection, then find all the accessories you need to complete your setup.