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Winter Lake Adventure

Written by: Mickey Godfrey

January 30th , 2018

Winter Lake Adventure
When you are the newest member to the Snow Peak USA staff, there is no better introduction and emersion into the brand than to get taken on a mid-week trip up into the mountains for a day of hiking, photographing, cooking, and snowy adventures Snow Peak style.

Having read training manuals and catalogs over the first few weeks of employment, I knew my new company made high quality products, but I had no concept of the level of craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into every piece of equipment.

This knowledge could only be understood by holding the products in my hand. Only when someone was physically showing me how to open the pack and carry, assemble the outdoor furniture, and prep the cookware for meals, did I really understand the attention to detail behind every piece.

As the day unfolded, the thing that stuck with me was that every piece of equipment we needed throughout the day was Snow Peak crafted. Whether we were building a fire, stirring soup, chopping wood, or moving coals, every tool that allowed us to enjoy the moment was backed by a company with 60 years of care and detail.

Snow Peak is the gateway, the guide, and the vehicle for allowing people to experience the outdoors. The variety in product allows lightweight backpackers and family car campers alike to find something crafted with our name and reputation that helps them get closer to nature and find their humanity.

Take a deeper look into the entire Winter Lake Collection that helped make this adventure happen.