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Origin Story: Wabuki Chopsticks

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

January 18th , 2021

Origin Story: Wabuki Chopsticks

First released in 1996, the Wabuki Chopsticks are a longstanding favorite of Snow Peakers across the globe. At the time of their launch, most Japanese campers were relying on Western utensils for eating their meals.  

One day, a member of Snow Peak’s product development team was enjoying his lunch of noodles at his favorite fishing spot. As he pulled out a pair of chopsticks from his bag, he thought to himself, “If these were only a bit shorter, they would be much easier to carry.” Thus, the idea for a pair of collapsible chopsticks was born.  

After several iterations, the Wabuki Chopsticks were created, offering a new way to enjoy food in the outdoors. The new chopsticks feature bamboo tips attached to a sturdy stainless-steel base, offering a well-balanced design that fits comfortably in the user’s hand. When not in use, the Wabuki Chopsticks can be unscrewed, detaching the bamboo tip from the base, making them easy to store and carry in the included case.   

The Wabuki Chopsticks offered an alternative that more closely aligned with Japan’s food culture. Further, the use of the chopsticks eliminated the need for single-use items, reducing the amount of waste consumed on camping trips. Even though chopsticks are not the traditional utensil of choice in the United States, the Wabuki Chopsticks' ingenuity and sleek design captured the attention of American campers. Today, they remain one of Snow Peak’s most popular utensils for campers and urbanites alike. Pair the chopsticks with the Trek Bowl or Tsuzumi Bottle for an on-the-go kit.  

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