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Time Without Words

Written by: Michael Andersen

April 4th , 2018

Time Without Words

It feels a bit chilly at dusk. While listening to the snap and crackle of the campfire with their friends, together, they look at the flickering flames as time passes without words. They hold their hands close to the fire, checking for warmth. The smoke singes and stings their eye, and they turn their faces away… but nobody will move from that place. Time without words: a lovely time indeed.

The Pack and Carry Fireplace is a special product representative of Snow Peak’s history of innovation. It’s a camp-field staple which has attracted new fans every season since it’s original debut on the market in 1996. With a simple structure, and minimal design, the Pack & Carry exemplifies the best of Snow Peak’s lifestyle sensibilities.

Each and every fireplace is manufactured from start to finish in our Niggata manufacturing headquarters and is stamped “made in Japan headquarters” before heading out the door to camp-fans all around the world. Utilizing a unique quadrangular pyramid design which connects four panels of 1.5mm thick stainless steel, it’s tough as nails, and built to be used for a lifetime, earning it’s endearing patina day by day, fire by fire, resulting in a camp companion that never fails.

With three sizes to choose from –Small, Medium and Large– choose your Pack & Carry accordingly to the number of people you wish to host, your own personal preference or activity.

Shop the entire Pack & Carry line as well as accessories to complete your campfire scene.