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Spring Camping Tips from Ryan Madani

Spring is an unpredictable season, offering glimpses of the summer weather we crave, and then quickly reverting back to a wintery chill. Snow Peaker and Ambassador Ryan Madani shared his tips for a fun family camping experience in the springtime, regardless of what the Pacific Northwest weather brings. 


What are your favorite parts of camping in the spring?

During my spring camping trips, I enjoy hiking the less crowded trails and viewing wildflowers.

What does your region, the Pacific Northwest require for an enjoyable spring camping experience?

Spring weather in the PNW can change drastically throughout the day. One minute might be sunshine and the next could be windy and raining. I recommend bringing additional clothing such as rain shell jackets and waterproof shoes for this type of weather. In addition to clothing, having a reliable tent and tarp setup for cooking and hanging out can make the trip even more enjoyable. I’ll never forget the first time we pitched the Takibi Tarp Hexa Set M alongside our Alpha Breeze, it completely transformed our outdoor living space!  

What tips would you give to parents who are planning to camp with kids during the shoulder season? Any gear must-haves?

Clothing makes a huge difference in comfort during shoulder season so having proper layers is key. During this time of the year, it’s important to wear base layer tops and bottoms as well as warm merino socks and waterproof boots. Staying dry is key for being comfortable. With that said, most kids are going to run around in the rain and find the biggest puddles to splash in, regardless of how cold it is outside. Therefore, layering them with a rain shell jacket and waterproof pants will help keep them dry-ish.

How does Snow Peak-style camping lend itself to a spring camping experience?

Snow Peak-style camping enables a space for people to gather comfortably together. Underneath our tarp, we have a comfortable space to relax and stay warm, even during a rainstorm. Throughout the day, we cook meals together and take short hikes during moments of sunshine. At the end of the day, we relax by the fire before heading into our tent for the night.


When thinking of your Snow Peak gear collection, what items are most essential for spring camping?

The Takibi Tarp paired with the Alpha Breeze makes for an incredible basecamp to stay dry and warm during this time of year. In the winter and spring, we enjoy having the fire underneath the tarp due to unpredictable weather. We love how spacious the Alpha Breeze is and often spend time inside the tent playing games together during our trips. 

What are your favorite campsite activities during spring (or generally)?

Cooking meals together and relaxing by the fire are some of my favorite moments during our trips. During inclement weather, we also play games inside our tent and like to bring a variety of activities like books, card games, and coloring books.

What is the best part about being part of the Snow Peak USA camper community?

The best part about being a part of the Snow Peak community is the shared passion for an outdoor lifestyle and the sense of friendship amongst fellow enthusiasts. It’s a supportive and inspiring community!

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Spring Camping Tips with Ryan Madani
By Laura Arneson, Brand Team
May 03, 2024
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