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Simple Ways to Enjoy Nature

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 18th , 2020

Simple Ways to Enjoy Nature

The CDC and WHO are recommending implementing social distancing and some areas around the country are experiencing shelter-in-place orders. We’re closely following social distancing recommendations from the CDC and WHO, but we recognize being isolated isn’t easy. Snow Peak’s purpose is to gather people in the outdoors. Given that, we put together a few ways to experience the refreshment of nature while staying safe:

Cook Dinner Outside

After a day of working from home, even a small change of scenery can make a big difference. Step outside onto your patio, porch or backyard and mix-up your cooking routine. Try cooking over a backyard campfire or outdoor stove. We’ve got a few different recipes to choose from, and most can be adapted for cooking indoors as well.

If being an outdoor chef isn’t in the cards, simply taking your meal outside for outdoor dining can be a nice change of pace.

Drink Coffee On the Porch or Patio

Take your morning coffee out on the deck and start your day with some fresh air. Check out our guide to crafting the perfect cup to start your day.

Enjoy Takibi Time at Home

Gathering around the fire is our favorite outdoor activity. If you have a backyard, start a fire in your fire pit and create a gathering by video calling a few friends. We’ve shared our tips for starting a crackling fire here.

Take a solo walk in the neighborhood

If you’re healthy, break up your day with a leisurely walk through your neighborhood. Try to choose a time when fewer people will be out, like early in the morning. Take a moment to ground yourself in the sites, smells and sounds around you.

This is a challenging and unusual time, but there are still creative ways for us to connect with each other and experience the outdoors. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy - connect with us on social media for more virtual events and activations.