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Origin Story: Snow Peak Tents

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 10th , 2021

Origin Story: Snow Peak Tents

As a Japanese camping brand, Snow Peak tents, tarps, and shelters are the foundation elements of an elevated campsite. We believe the camping experience should be an extension of our daily lives. Our tent designs combine Japanese style and minimalist aesthetic with thoughtful functional details and reliable durability. Whatever your camping preference, you can create a beautiful setup that protects from the elements and integrates with your surroundings. From the rugged desert to the sandy beach or lush forest, Snow Peak tents offer an elevated outdoor experience.

Cohesive & Expansive Setups

Snow Peak-style campsites mimic the home, with designated spaces for sleeping, cooking and gathering. Create a central fireside spot for Takibi Time, an area for the young campers to play, and a spacious outdoor kitchen. Snow Peak tents and shelters are best for sleeping quarters, and a tarp or multi-room shelter offer additional covered living space. Whether you're a solo camper or bringing the whole family along, build a setup that suits your needs without sacrificing style.

Left image shows a Snow Peak tent and tarp combination from our entry line. Right image shows a family cooking on an IGT setup under a Snow Peak tarp.

Easy Setup

Building your campsite shouldn't be intimidating. Snow Peak designs all tents, tarps and shelters with intuitive details to make setup simple. Poles, sleeves and clips feature matching colors to eliminate confusion. Snow Peak's Entry Line is specifically made for newer campers, and includes tents like the Amenity Dome, which can be easily set up by a single person. 

Comfort-Centered Design

Snow Peak campsites bring the comforts of home to the outdoors. Tent designs include thoughtful details and accessories for an elevated experience. Each one has a vestibule to use for additional gear or shoes. Interiors feature pockets for storage and organization, and loops for lighting. Enjoy a cool summer cross-breeze with ample windows and vents, or experience the magic of winter camping with durable water-repellent flies and mud/snow flaps. Add additional cushion and insulation to your tent with a mat and sheet set. 

Complementing Colors & Elegant Shapes

Snow Peak's approach to camping is deeply influenced by our Japanese heritage that views the human experience as part of nature, not separate from it. We never compete with nature or seek to overcome it. Camping is a way to reconnect with the rhythms of the outdoors that are often absent from our daily lives. Snow Peak prioritizes neutral and natural colorways to complement the beauty of the outdoors. From light ambers to rich browns and elegant ivories – all our lines use shades naturally found in outdoor spaces. Further, Snow Peak tents, tarps, and shelters offer aesthetically pleasing lines and curves. From dome-shaped shelters to crisp corners and taut guy lines, each element is carefully considered. Precision is paramount, and when properly set up, the result is both eye-catching and intuitively functional.

Snow Peak tent and tarp combination set in the woods, showing the beautiful clean lines of the design that complement the sunny forest.


Left image shows people eating inside a large Snow Peak shelter. Right image shows a large tent, tarp, and shelter setup with a man cooking outside and three people sitting under the tarp.

Build Your Site

Embrace Snow Peak-style camping and reconnect with nature. Create your dream campsite with our extensive line of tents, tarps, and shelters.