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Niigata Headquarters

Written by: Mickey Godfrey

March 26th , 2018

Niigata Headquarters

Snow Peak’s home in Sanjo City is located in the Chūetsu region of Niigata prefecture. It is known all over Japan as a hardware manufacturing capital for its rich, storied metal-working history. The Chūetsu area is surrounded by a range of mountains that rise up to an altitude of 8,051 ft. between the Niigata and Fukushima prefectures. With rivers and streams that cut into the valleys and flow out to the East Japan Sea, this rich environment naturally evokes a strong connection to the outdoors and serves as the home of our international headquarters and the world-famous Campfield. 

The Snow Peak Campfield is a 41-acre hilly field located adjacent to our headquarters. The field experiences every type of weather all throughout the year making it the perfect place to test our latest gear and equipment. In addition, the field plays host to a special company event each year called Snow Peak Way.

For the people born and raised here, nature is an essential part of life and it is this great region that inspired Yukio Yamai, and to this day continues to inspire all of the products that come from Snow Peak. 


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