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Winter Camp with Jin L.

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 22nd , 2024

Winter Camp with Jin L.

If you have the itch to get outside, but the winter weather is holding you back, Snow Peaker Jin is here to reassure you. With the right Snow Peak gear, winter camping can be comfortable, cozy and relaxing. We asked her a few questions about her passion for Snow Peak-style camping and what she recommends for an enjoyable winter camping experience.

What are your favorite parts of snow camping (or winter camping, more generally)?

Peace, serenity, beautiful scenery, no bugs, extra coziness and Winston is willing to sleep with me at night in the sleeping bag. Last but not least, being able to test out all my gear in its intended environment.

How does the Snow Peak style of camping offer a unique winter camping experience?

Before Snow Peak, my camping setup was pretty basic—just the essentials like shelter, a cooking area, and chairs around a standard fire pit. Our camping routine was more of a pitstop, focused on sleeping and quickly preparing simple meals like hotdogs and instant ramen. Winter camping was particularly challenging, with uninspiring food and a struggle to stay warm. Discovering Snow Peak changed the game. Now, camping is a more complete and enriching experience. The campsite isn't just a place to crash; it's a well-thought-out space with warmth, comfort, and a touch of elegance.

Winter camping has become a slower, more enjoyable experience. It's like stepping back into a simpler time, away from the chaos of everyday life. Snow Peak's gear adds a level of comfort and reliability that was missing before. No more worrying about a stubborn stove or a tent struggling in bad weather. The Takibi Fire & Grill and Jikaro Firering Table aren't just for heat—they're versatile and central to cooking and communal gathering.

Snow Peak's products don't just withstand the elements; they do it with a simple, harmonious beauty. Winter camping in the cold has become more comfortable and stylish with Snow Peak's winter apparel. It's the perfect gear for my winter adventures.

What tips or advice would you share with a first-time winter camper? What do they need to consider? What should they expect?

Just like cats, nature can be unpredictable, so being prepared is essential. Within just 8 hours, you might encounter sunshine, rain, and even a snowstorm, especially during the fickle winter months.

First time winter campers should be aware of a few things:

1. What are the weather conditions at your camp location? Do not go anywhere without doing research on the weather and environment. Safety first

2. Is your tent 4 seasons and suitable for (possible) heavy storms and winds?

3. Do you have shelter for yourself/group to sit under to protect you from the elements while you hangout/eat.

4. Do you have a way to start a fire? Do you know how to start a fire in the rain/snow?

5. Do you have the right apparel that can withstand rain/wind/snow? This includes everything from head to toe. It is highly recommended for all apparel to be made of synthetic/wool/down material (it is advised to stay away from cotton because cotton will absorb moisture and trap it next to your skin causing hypothermia). Anything waterproof/water resistant is best. Gore-Tex is king.

6. Do you have enough wool socks? Bring however many you think is enough + 1.

7. Are your shoes waterproof? Are they suitable for cold weather?

8. Do you have enough light? Winter days are very short and before you know it, you'll be cooking in the dark. Make sure you have plenty of weatherproof lanterns and headlamps.

9. Don't plan extra fancy or oily meals because washing dishes in the cold is not fun. Simple is best.

10. It's always going to be colder than you expected.

Pack intentionally and simply - just because you own it doesn’t mean you’ll use it. Winter days are shorter and it's best not to set up camp in the dark. Limit your large items to essentials and keep smaller items contained in waterproof coolers, containers or bins. Lastly, my slogan is “be adventurous, not stupid.” Always pay attention to weather forecasts and don’t take unnecessary risks.

When thinking of your Snow Peak gear collection, what items are most essential for snow camping? What about apparel?

My Gear Essentials (things I would die/panic without):

1. 4 season tent (personal tent: Amenity Dome Large)

2. Takibi Tarp Hexa Set

3. IGT Camp Kitchen + Renewed IGT Bamboo Wide Insert

4. Fire Side Gloves

5. Flat Burner

6. Barbeque Tongs

7. Jikaro Firering Table + Takibi Fire & Grill

8. Renewed Bamboo IGT Table Regular

9. Classic Kettle 1.8

10. Micro Capsule Dutch Oven

11. Ti-Double 450 Mug

12. Floga

13. Tableware Set L Family

14. Grand Ofuton Sleeping Bag Wide LX 1000 (lower limit temperature -15 degrees)

15. High Tension Cot

16. Camping Bucket (any size)

17. Micro Cast Iron Lifter

18. TTA Lantern Hanger

19. Aluminum Caldero

20. Party Plate

21. Ti-Double Bowl

22. Dog Cot + Cushion

23. Dog Lead Anchor 50

My apparel must-haves for camping or traveling during the cold seasons:

1. Flexible Insulated sets (cardigan/shirt/hoodie/pants): these are my all-time favorite sets and I would like them in all colorways.

2. Any of the insulated water-resistant garments are 100% necessary. They are extremely light weight, warm, easy to move in, durable, and practically stain resistant. Try the Gore Windstopper Jacket or the Thermal Insulated Rain Jacket.

3. Wool Fleece Jacket or try the Thermal Boa Fleece Jacket.

4. Anything from the fire-resistant Takibi Line, I especially like the Takibi Vest.

5. Wool Cap or Cotton Polyester Beanie

6. Insulated Poncho

7. Recycled Down Vest

What are your favorite campsite activities during the winter?

In the winter, my camp activities are super laid-back. My favorite activities are prepping and cooking food, getting the fire started, hanging out with Winston, enjoying afternoon tea, eating a lot of junk food and either reading a book or drawing/coloring. I generally sit around the Jikaro Firering Table and fire most of the day and relax with Winston and my friends. When the lighting is good, I love to take photos around camp - either of my gear, Winston or surroundings. If we're feeling exceptionally energetic, we also love to snowshoe around camp or on a designated hiking trail.

What is the best part about being part of the Snow Peak USA camper community?

It's the connection and passion of everyone in the community. It's wonderful to share my own experiences and hear from others about theirs. We're one big happy family of Snow Peak addicts who provide support and comfort through our addiction. From the Snow Peakers to the Snow Peak Staff, everyone is always happy to help with questions or suggestions about gear or camping tips.

Follow Jin on Instagram at @lovezee to see more of her camping adventures. Build your winter campsite with Snow Peak essentials. Shop tents, cooking solutions and campfire setups.