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Introducing the Intentions Series

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

January 8th , 2021

Introducing the Intentions Series

While we’re under no illusions that moving into 2021 will automatically ease the woes of 2020, we remain optimistic that brighter days are ahead. The new year and signs of lessening crisis offer a unique opportunity to create a new kind of normal, one that prioritizes intentionality, moments of rest, inclusivity, and of course, ample time in nature. After the chaos of the past 12 months, each of us has an opportunity to re-craft our day-to-day lives and routines, focusing on the things that truly matter and ditching the rest.  

To this end, we’re introducing a new category as part of our ongoing Noasobi series, called Intentions. We hope to offer inspiration and thoughtful moments of reflection during what will likely be a year of transitions. The first installment in this category features the longstanding Snow Peak tradition of the Daruma dolls. Named after the founder of Zen Buddhism, Daruma dolls are typically used at the beginning of the year to set goals and intentions.  

Using Daruma Dolls for 2021 Intentions:  

Step 1. Determine your intention or goal for the year ahead. 

Step 2. Set your intention by filling in the pupil of the doll’s left eye.  

Step 3. Place the doll in a prominent space inside your home for a daily reaffirmation and reminder of your resolution. 

Step 4. At year’s end, thank the Daruma for helping you achieve the goal by filling in the right pupil.  

The dolls are made of paper and are traditionally burned at the end of each year, symbolizing a return to the earth and creating space for fresh intentions.  

This year, the small and medium-sized Daruma dolls are available as a gift with purchase at both our retail locations in Portland and New York, while supplies last. Additionally, we’re encouraging Snow Peakers to enter our Instagram giveaway for their chance to win the limited-edition large Daruma doll. Find more details about the giveaway here.