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Holiday Leftovers Sando

Written by: Michael Andersen

November 21st , 2022

Holiday Leftovers Sando

A fridge full of holiday leftovers is certain this time of year – and extends the festive feeling that comes with the season. While revisiting that remaining bounty may or may not excite you, we’re here with an easy recipe that will please your palate and empty out the icebox.  


  • Leftover Turkey, Chicken or Ham
  • Bread, Dinner Rolls or Stuffing 
  • Cranberry sauce 
  • Mayo 
  • Butter 



To prepare, add room temperature butter to both sides of the Tramezzino. 

To assemble, layer the bottom half with bread/dinner-rolls/bread-stuffing, then mayo (we love Dukes or Kewpie) followed by a big slab of turkey, a generous helping of cranberry sauce or relish and the top half of your bread of choice—with a little more mayo. Then over medium-low heat, cook on one side, while being careful to avoid burning your sando. Flip halfway through and finish off the other side. Serve your sandwich with a generous portion of any leftover sides, gravy and more cranberry sauce.  

Bonus points for putting ANYTHING you have leftover between two pieces of bread and enjoying in solitude, peace and quiet around a warm Takibi Fire & Grill. The only rule is not to overfill the Tramezzino, and not to char your sandwich.