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Four Packing Lists for Camping in Any Climate

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 30th , 2023

Four Packing Lists for Camping in Any Climate

Embarking on a camping adventure is a rejuvenating experience, filled with the promise of breathtaking landscapes and a chance to reconnect with nature. From the arid vastness of the desert to the cool depths of old growth forests, from the lofty peaks of alpine elevation to the rugged shores of the beach, each unique climate offers its own beauty. In the spirit of the summer camping season, we shared four customized packing lists to prepare you for four varied climates.  

Desert Camping Packing List:

Forest Camping Packing List:

  • -Create a cozy sleeping and gathering space with the Entry Pack TT paired with the Mat & Sheet set for added insulation and moisture protection. 
  • -Illuminate your campsite with the Home & Camp Lantern
  • Stay warm and cook over a portable fire pit like the Takibi Fire & Grill: remember to never leave your fire unattended. 
  • -Cook directly over the flames with the Cast Iron Oven and accompanying pots like the Micro Capsule.
  • -Layer up with water-resistant outerwear like the 2 Layer Octa Jacket over comfortable base layers like the Flexible Insulated Pullover and Pants
  • -Planning a day hike? Don't forget sturdy hiking boots or shoes, plus extra socks. A map and compass are a good idea too. Stay hydrated with a lightweight water bottle like the Titanium Aurora Bottle. 
  • -Keep it clean with biodegradable soap and toiletries. 
  • -Always bring insect repellent (or try the Insect Shield Pants and Jacket)
  • -Always bring a first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic, and pain relievers. 

High Elevation Camping Packing List:

  • -Keep your campsite simple and lightweight with a backpacking tent like the Minute Dome Pro Air or Lago 1 in Ivory. 
  • -Stay warm in chilly evening temperatures with the Military Sleeping Bag or another reliable sleeping solution. 
  • -Create an ultralight kitchen with the GigaPower Stove, Ozen Solo Table and a Trek 1400 Titanium cookset. Stay hydrated with a lightweight water bottle, and don't forget about coffee! Try the Titanium French Press to reduce weight. 
  • -In the alpine environment, weather can change quickly. Bring warm layers like fleece jackets and waterproof options such as the Packable Rain Jacket. Add accessories like hats, gloves and warm socks to maintain warmth. 
  • -Keep your feet dry and blister free with insulated and waterproof hiking boots. If you're planning additional day hikes from basecamp, a smaller backpack is a good idea, plus trekking poles for stability on rugged terrain.
  • -Stay energized with high-calorie and lightweight food, and ensure you bring a water purification system. 
  • -Always pack an emergency blanket and a first aid kit with essentials like altitude sickness medicine, bandages, antiseptic, and pain relievers. For remote locations, consider a satellite phone or similar device. Always tell a trusted friend your adventure plans before departing! 

Beach Day Camping Packing List:

  • -Create a shaded spot for a beach day or sunset viewing with the Penta Tarp, or for something slightly larger, try the Hexa L Set. Remember to choose a spot that's far from the surf, taking the changing tides into account.
  • -Our ground-height furniture is perfect for beach settings, try the Round Single Action Table paired with the Ground Panel Chair. Outfit your picnic setup with tableware, a Chopping Board Set for charcuterie, and insulated drinkware
  • -Enjoy the ocean breeze with lightweight and breathable clothing, we suggest shorts, t-shirts, dresses and a hat
  • -Swimsuits and beach towels are a must, as is sunscreen with a high SPF. 
  • -Keep it casual with sandals or water shoes. 
  • -Bring a cooler or the Tobachi Set to keep food and drinks fresh. 
  • -Mix it up with beach toys and games, or a small speaker for tunes. 
  • -Always bring a first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic, and pain relievers. Remember, the ocean is unpredictable! Be aware of currents and use extreme caution when swimming. 

Whatever your preferred natural environment, Snow Peak offers equipment for a comfortable, stylish and relaxing outdoor experience. Shop our expansive collection of camping gear, outdoor accessories and apparel