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Brew Guide: Field Coffee Master

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 13th , 2023

Brew Guide: Field Coffee Master

With time on your side, the Field Coffee Master can brew ample coffee for a small group or one seriously caffeine-motivated camper. Use it as an all-in-one solution for your coffee needs, or separate the pieces to create a pourover setup.  



To brew, we recommend about 60-90 grams of your favorite whole-bean coffee for approximately three strong cups of liquid gold.  You can fill two Measuring Spoons or one Mini Sierra Cup with whole-bean coffee to measure about 30 grams as a shortcut. Alternatively, one full hopper of whole-bean coffee in the Field Barista Coffee Grinder equals about 30 grams.   

First, remove the dripper and fill the water to the line inside the kettle. Turn on the stove, then insert a filter into the dripper before attaching the dripper to the percolator siphon. For the filter, we recommend a Melita #2 or something similar in size and shape. Feel free to cut a larger filter to size as needed. Next, grind your beans, place them in the filter, and wait for the percolator to get going. Pause and take in the scenery: this step might take a few minutes!  

Once the water is hot enough, steam will rise to the asterisk indicator on the glass lid-handle, and begin brewing your coffee as water drips over the grounds, slowly filling the kettle. So, settle into your seat, enjoy the view and savor that fresh brew. Don’t miss the rest of our Brew Guide featuring the Titanium French Press, Collapsible Coffee Drip, and Field Barista Coffee Drip.