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Behind The Scenes

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 26th , 2020

Behind The Scenes

Snow Peak USA’s Warehouse Team

As we near the holiday season. We wanted to offer a look behind the curtain at Snow Peak. All Snow Peak USA online orders are packaged and shipped from our warehouse in Portland, Oregon. Meet the three-person team embracing the extra hustle and bustle of the holidays to make the magic happen for Snow Peak USA customers. As a bonus, they’ve shared some gift ideas for friends and family.

D.J. C.

What Snow Peak item are you gifting this year?
I haven’t even started thinking about holiday shopping yet! It always sneaks up on me! Last year I got my dad the Folding Torch (one of my favorite products). We usually have BBQ for the holidays so we got to immediately use it to start the fire. He loved it! It’ll be hard to top that this year and I definitely recommend it as a fun gift. 

What’s your favorite part about your job? 
Hands down, my favorite part of my job is hanging out with my coworkers. We’ve built an awesome team with really good people. I feel super lucky to work with them every day.
What's something interesting that gives a Snow Peak customer a peek behind the scenes at the warehouse?
We are a small but mighty team of three people, and every product sold in North America passes through us at some point.

Pilar P.

What Snow Peak item are you gifting this year? 

I will definitely be gifting some Titanium Fork and Spoon Sets, I like the thought of people carrying them around in their day-to-day bags and using them instead of single-use plastics

What goes into the process of picking each order? 

What people may not know is that the picking process is a lot of numbers; cross-checking SKUs, quantities, and bin locations. After picking, the packaging begins! This means figuring out that perfect box size, wrapping most products in tissue or kraft paper and picking out stickers & a postcard for each customer. When I package products, I'm hoping the customer will feel special while unboxing their new spiffy gear and apparel.

What is something customers may like to know about your role?

We are always looking into ways to improve your unboxing experience, which can be a bit tough with the larger products but it's on our mind.

 Jeff S.

What Snow Peak item are you gifting this year? 

I will probably be gifting a Titanium Flask. It’s sleek, it’s practical and it’s the perfect holiday party accessory. 

What’s it like to repair gear? 

While it’s only one part of my job, working on repairs allows me to touch a variety of Snow Peak products. I always like to tell people that sometimes repairs can take longer than expected! So far, the most unique thing I’ve repaired is a fuel line for a Flat Burner. 

What’s your favorite part of your job? 
Our team has great camaraderie, and it’s the best part of coming to work every day. 


Check out Snow Peak USA’s Instagram story for more footage of the warehouse team in action. We’ve also gathered more gift ideas from our team and created a Staff Picks collection for easy holiday shopping.