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Autumn Winter 2022 Lookbook

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 5th , 2022

Autumn Winter 2022 Lookbook

Snow Peak’s apparel collections allow the wearer to create closer connections with the world around them. The Autumn Winter 2022 Lookbook features a family bakery in a small town near the coast of Japan. The family’s lives center around the rhythms of their business, where they make hearty breads from local ingredients.  

Tomohiro, Tina, and their family live in a town not far from the beautiful coast of northern Kyushu. They live in town and run a bakery, baking six kinds of simple, flavorful bread, using ingredients from nearby regions. Their shop is in front of the shrine, and neighbors who come to visit will stop by to talk about their daily lives and the food they are going to cook today while buying the bread that is indispensable to their daily tables.   

Tomohiro always had a desire to make things. He decided to become a bread baker when he was traveling and searching for the path he should take. As he met various people, he decided to make bread, which he had eaten every day during his stay in the U.S. He felt it was something that is equal for everyone. 

After returning from the U.S., he immediately went to France for an apprenticeship without doing any preliminary research. After a series of twists and turns, he happened upon a bakery in a town near the sea that reminded him of the scenery of his hometown, Amakusa, where he grew up living in harmony with nature. He says, "The bread has a nostalgic taste, close to the bread I used to eat as a child." Tomohiro's bread is made in a stone kiln that uses the power of nature and has only three ingredients, wheat, salt, and water.  

 He met his wife, Tina, when he was working at a bakery in Kamakura and searching for a way to start his own bakery, which he had planned to open in his hometown of Kyushu after returning to Japan. He married Tina, who had grown up in the U.S. and worked in Tokyo, and they had a child together. Then they began searching in earnest for a new hometown. The requirements were a place near Kyushu, Tomohiro's hometown, where the ocean was beautiful. They wanted a relaxed and nurturing environment for their family near a traditional organic community, not in a busy and stressful city.  

In this town, he makes simple bread starting early in the morning, sells it while enjoying conversations with neighbors until late afternoon, and goes to the beach with his family in the evening. This simple daily routine is becoming a part of the townspeople's lives, as they enjoy an abundance of nature close by.  

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