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Adapting to the USA

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 1st , 2019

Adapting to the USA

As Snow Peak deepened its presence in the USA, company leaders realized there was room for product innovation designed specifically to serve the American outdoor enthusiast. During team camping trips, Snow Peak USA brainstormed and dreamt up concepts for new Snow Peak gear that could elevate outdoor experiences. These ideas were realized in new Snow Peak items that were thoughtfully designed and packaged in the USA. While some of these products have been discontinued, each played a critical role in shaping Snow Peak USA’s connection with its users. 

SnowMiner Headlamp

Snow Peak created the SnowMiner Headlamp to address customers’ interests in versatile, 2-in-1 products.  The headlamp was released in 2012 and was sold until 2015, and switched between a bright headlamp and a lantern with a soft, diffused light.

Anodized Titanium Series

While not designed in the United States, anodized titanium has been immensely popular with Snow Peak USA customers. Titanium’s unique properties allow it to be anodized safely and easily. Snow Peak’s brightly colored Titanium Mugs and Sporks have become cookware staples for thousands of people over the last two decades.

Mola Headlamp

Snow Peak’s Mola Headlamp launched in 2013 and was available until 2016,  and provided a superior user experience by following the angle of the wearers’ eyes. By eliminating the clunky gears often found on other models, the Mola Headlamp was a sleek option for the US camper.

Hot Lips

Snow Peak has always been known for its durable titanium cookware. As titanium mugs grew in popularity, the Snow Peak USA team saw an opportunity for an add-on piece that elevated user experience with the Ti-Single Mugs. One of the core benefits to the Ti-Single Mugs is the ability to use directly over a heat source for warming and cooking. The metal heats up quickly, and by using the silicon Hot Lips, customers could enjoy their beverages without scorching their lips.

Snow Peak has plans to continue its focus on serving the specific needs and tastes of its USA customer base, with new products currently under development with the US user in mind. Learn more about what lies ahead in our blog about the next twenty years.