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8 Eerie Tales for Takibi Time

Written by: Michael Andersen

October 26th , 2020

8 Eerie Tales for Takibi Time

Autumn nights lend themselves to storytelling. The cool night air, rustling leaves, and glowing coals from the campfire create the perfect backdrop for spooky tales that will send a different kind of shiver down your spine. We’ve gathered eight eerie tales and poems for your next Takibi Time.  


Best for kids or those with a low threshold for fright, this simple poem offers ample opportunity for creative retelling. Punctuate the ending with a high-pitched shriek and you’re sure to spook your companions.  

Source: Ultimate Camp Source 

Hidden by the Rustling Corn 

A seasonal poem that warns against shortcuts through the cornfield. Are the rustling leaves merely blowing in the breeze or is something tracking you through the corn stalks?  


The Big Toe  

Another good one for young campers, this tale tells the story of a boy who found and ate a toe.  

Source: Scary For Kids 

The Love Test 

A Japanese tale about a young woman known for scaring off potential suitors. The ending has a twist you won’t expect! 

Source: Scary For Kids  

The Pit Toilet Monster 

The title says it all – save this one for your next visit to a campground and tell it late in the evening just before any final visits to the bathroom.  

Source: KOA Blog 


A creepy story about a young boy who goes missing from a local campground and is never seen again.  

Source: KOA Blog 

Robert the Doll 

This list would be incomplete without a haunting doll and this story tracks a doll named Robert from its creation in the 1800s to the present day. It now resides in a museum in Florida, so who can say if the story is true or not! 

Source: Creepy Pasta  

Axe Murder Hollow 

A classic horror story about a couple who runs into car trouble...and something much more nefarious.  

Source: American Folklore