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Ultralight Everything

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

July 29th , 2020

Ultralight Everything

Planning out a backcountry excursion? Whether you’re heading out for the first time or are a seasoned trekker, read on to learn more about our core offerings for lightweight trips.  

Ultralight Stoves 

A compact and reliable stove is a must-have for any backcountry explorer. Snow Peak has long been known for its ultralight stoves – designed for ounce counters and casual backpackers alike. From the classic GigaPower Stove to the nearly weightless LiteMax, our stoves are powerful, thoughtfully designed and will serve you camp meals for years to come.

Watch the video below to learn more about the tried-and-true GigaPower Stove. 


Snow Peak Titanium 

All our titanium products are incredibly durable, ultralight and corrosion resistant. Each is constructed through a complex metalworking process perfected by the craftsman in our hometown of Sanjo City in Niigata, Japan. All Snow Peak titanium products are made of grade 1 titanium, the highest grade available.  

Titanium products can be separated into two categories – single-walled and double-walled. Single-wall titanium is designed for cooking and use over a heat source. It’s ideal for use while backpacking, as pots and mugs can be directly over a flame, then also utilized as vessel for eating.  

Double-walled titanium products are best for enjoying hot and cold beverages. The walls are vacuum insulated, offering a vessel that maintains hot or cold temperatures longer. Double-walled mugs cannot be used for cooking, as the pressure will cause warping and distortion.  

Trek Series 

Designed to go the distance and keep you fueled for another day on the trail. Each titanium set is super light and nests within each other so you can easily pack your stove, fuel and utensils all in one container. 

Gigapower Fuel  

Our signature Isobutane fuel blend (85% isobutane, 15% propane) is available in two different sizes, the GigaPower Fuel 110 and 250. Each canister offers a powerful flame and each size is small enough to store within one of our titanium cook sets.  

GigaPower Fuel can be purchased at our retail locations in Soho, New York City or Portland, Oregon, as well as at our partner retailers like REI. We’re unable to ship fuel at this time, so it is not available for purchase on our website.