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Origin Story: Tiny but Mighty

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 2nd , 2019

Origin Story: Tiny but Mighty

GigaPower Stove Propels Snow Peak USA’s Success


When Snow Peak first entered the US market, it was relatively unknown. That changed when the petite GigaPower Stove made its first appearance. At the time of its launch, the GigaPower Stove was lauded as the smallest and lightest backpacking stove in the world. During its debut at Outdoor Retailer, the GigaPower Stove was often mistaken for a miniature sample.

As Tohru Yamai, Snow Peak’s President and CEO tells the story,

“We registered late for the Summer 1998 Outdoor Retailer and ended up sharing a booth with another company. All we had was one small table and the only product we featured was the GigaPower Stove. The GigaPower Stove had a significant impact at Outdoor Retailer show and ended up winning the Editors Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine in 1999. Within a year, GigaPower Stoves were being distributed in 300 retailers across the US.

Looking to build on the early buzz of the GigaPower Stove, Snow Peak began an eye-catching campaign to further awareness of the innovative stove. A series of photos depicting the stove emerging from an egg creatively illustrated the GigaPower Stove’s pocket-sized qualities.

The GigaPower Stove exemplifies Snow Peak’s combined values of functionality and beautiful Japanese design. While it’s incredibly compact, the stove’s 10,000 BTUs enables a rapid boiling time for easier cooking in the outdoors. The GigaPower Stove is one of the few, if not the only, backpacking stoves on the market that has four prongs for greater stability during use.  

Twenty years later, the GigaPower Stove is an icon of the  Snow Peak brand. It has served as a brand introduction for countless customers and powered thousands of outdoor experiences.

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